World of Warships: Legends marks 80 years since D-Day

June’s update commemorates the 80th anniversary of D-Day with dedicated missions, alongside a campaign starring a Dutch Tier VII cruiser, tweaks to aircraft carrier mechanics, a new Goleador Championship themed web event and more

Wargaming, the developer and publisher of the leading cross-platform naval multiplayer World of Warships, is bringing plenty of fiery action to its console and mobile edition, World of Warships: Legends. June’s update is packed with content, including a five-week campaign that rewards players with a Premium Dutch cruiser. More prizes await, with ships, camouflages and more found across the dedicated missions for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, and a new Goleador Championship web event. To further test players’ seafaring strategies, June’s update includes adjustments to aircraft carriers and new seasons of Brawls and Fleet Battles.

The Netherlands makes a splash with new campaign and cruiser

A new campaign makes waves in June’s update, as “Skyreaper from the Lowlands” drops anchor in Legendary waters. Those who complete this five-week, 100-milestone campaign with Admiralty Backing will receive Premium Dutch Tier VII cruiser De Zeven Provinciën.

This ship marks the addition of a newly added nation, the Netherlands, to World of Warships: Legends, and is equipped to do serious damage with a powerful airstrike feature and impressive fire-setting abilities. Ready to take the helm of this cruiser is a new historical Commander, Karel Doorman, who will be able to join players’ ranks alongside De Zeven Provinciën.

Dedicated missions for D-Day’s 80th anniversary

To mark the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings, players can dive into thematic new dedicated missions. Upon completion, players are rewarded with collectible cards full of information about the landing, the ships involved, and military decorations. After completing the set, players will be able to unlock French Tier III battleship Courbet 1944, decked out in a special D-Day permanent camouflage. Alongside this, players can find several historical ships that were involved in D-Day, including Texas, Belfast, and a new destroyer Haida in the store.

Balance tweaks to aircraft carriers for enhanced performance

Aircraft carriers also welcome some improvements and adjustments for better battle across the board, including an expanded hangar, faster reload times, increased bomb deployments and new plane fuel mechanics. In addition to this, plane costs are reduced to zero, bringing further adjustments to their economic balance.

Score big in new Goleador Championship web event

From June 10, players can get in on all the excitement of European football in a new Goleador Championship web event. Through scoring goals on the event’s dedicated webpage, players can unlock 24 special T-shirt patches, consumable camouflages, and a special permanent camouflage for Fiji. World of Warships: Legends’ June update also welcomes two new Brawl seasons, which each include unique gameplay modifications like buffed main batteries, and upgraded main stats. Fleet Battles also make a comeback, as five player divisions compete against one another for unique rewards.

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